+ Fortu Family

Dream/ Objective

  • Creation of a financial cushion
  • Management of existing investment portfolio
  • Effective capital accumulation for achieving different aims
  • Assistance in choosing the best property based on various factors including:
    1. region or sector e.g. residential or commercial;
    2. potential increase in value;
    3. return on capital investment;
  • Assistance in arranging credit/leverage in a foreign bank to purchase the property;
  • Risk assessment of the acquisition;
  • Assistance in structuring the acquisition in terms of taxation etc;
  • Assistance in obtaining visas/passport etc.
  • The requirements for admission to British educational institutions;
  • Organization of contacts with the best British schools and universities;
  • Organization of training children for British educational institutions;
  • Management of integrated solutions "from savings to admission".
Fortu Family
+ Client


  • Development of an optimal structure of the investment portfolio / Financial planning i.e. to create a financial cushion;
  • Selection of the most effective products of banks, investment and management companies, the top portfolio managers and individual investee;
  • Analysis and evaluation of the structure of an existing client's investment portfolio on the financial markets;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the banks and brokerage firms used by the client, management costs, commissions, risks of banking institutions;
  • Assess the effectiveness of customer service management companies and portfolio managers;
  • The recommendations for optimizing the placement of infrastructure;
  • Management of the investment portfolio in the financial market;
  • Financial Advise and assistance for the UK 'Investor Visa' programme.
  • Express assessment of the proposals for the sale/purchase of the business;
  • Assistance in the development of a business strategy;
  • Operational planning;
  • Budgeting;
  • Budgetary control;
  • Determination and sources of financing for business;
  • Assessment of business portfolios and preparations of proposals for its improvement;
  • Support of the establishment of a foreign business infrastructure.
  • Rental property search;
  • Assessment of incoming proposals for real estate;
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of an existing real estate portfolio;
  • Formation of proposals to optimize the real estate portfolio;
  • Optimizing the costs of maintenance of the real estate portfolio.
Fortu Family


  • Accounting, reporting and flow of documents, regardless of the location of the assets jurisdiction.
  • Consolidated financial reporting - a comprehensive statement of personal assets, including investment portfolios, real estate, business projects, holdings, treasury and transit accounts. Calculation of the beneficiary’s Net Asset Value.
  • Separate accounting of funds invested in each business project, property or investment portfolio, regardless of the investments shape and location.
  • Automatic consolidation of data (account statements, portfolio statements) received from foreign banks, brokers, stock exchanges and other counterparties.
  • Assessment of net assets’ dynamic over time in different currencies.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of investments in the financial markets and the performance of the banks and portfolio managers.
  • Consolidation of planning expenditures and incomes from different sources - liquidity management of personal assets.
  • Transactions Accounting and consolidation of reporting for all types of personal accounts, legal entities and the SPV, that formally own beneficiary’s assets.
  • Accounting in a portfolio of assets that make up a single strategy, but formally belong to different owners.
  • Keeping records of all types of financial and non-financial instruments, including currency, deposits, shares, eurobonds, loans, derivatives, equities, participation in entities, real estate, cash, etc.
  • Evaluation of the true effectiveness and risks of investment, by utilizing the approach "from strategy" and not "from the instrument" or "from the place of storage".
  • Consolidation of the cross-border cash flows, monitoring and reporting.
  • Development of an optimum Russian and foreign legal structure of asset ownership;
  • Costs management, including taxation of financial transactions;
  • Consultancy in the field of personal family office, setting up the infrastucture,including IT support, functional structure, policies and procedures, employees organizational structure and staffing of all;
  • Solutions for specific financial objectives.
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About us

MFO Fortu Family is an independent financial advisory company, focusing on the development and implementation of long-term strategies for the protection and accumulation of private client’s capital.


The advantages of Fortu Family are determined by its absolute independence, experience professional contacts, technology platform and philosophy of investment.


Our main difference, from foreign or domestic private banks, lies in the fact that we are not a part of any Bank holding company, we have no conflict of interest, and we are not obliged to sell the products of the parent companies