What is a Multi-family office?

When a client accumulates a certain amount of money and assets, it seems too complicated to manage, maintain and structure the assets effectively. At this point the client needs a professional financial advisor to support these functions as well as to get additional lifestyle services, i.e. purchasing or renting property, life and health insurance, children education etc...

Compared to traditional Private banking the key advantages of a Multi - family office are:

  • independence (the ability to offer a client the best products from the most effective financial institutions, not from a parent company)
  • transparency (the client keeps the control and ownership of all the accounts, funds and assets; the client is not required to transfer funds to the family office accounts)
  • efficiency (the best performance as well as capital preservation are achieved by diversification of the client's assets through a few reliable financial institutions which provide the best services in their specialised area)
  • exclusiveness (the concept of family office implies dealing with wealthy clients. It assures that each client gets timely, bespoke and high-quality treatment, the best lifestyle services and strong confidentiality).
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About us

MFO Fortu Family is an independent financial advisory company, focusing on the development and implementation of long-term strategies for the protection and accumulation of private client’s capital.


We help our clients to manage assets in the international financial markets, provide management support for private equity and rental properties portfolio.


The advantages of Fortu Family are determined by its absolute independence, experience professional contacts, technology platform and philosophy of investment.