We are absolutely independent

Our main difference, from foreign or domestic private banks, lies in the fact that we are not a part of any Bank holding company, we have no conflict of interest, and we are not obliged to sell the products of the parent companies. This allows us, on behalf of our client, to choose the best solutions available on the financial markets. In particular we can recommend to the customer to select the private bank which is better suited to solving their specialised requirements.

We choose the best

Not a single financial organization in the world can, at the same time, provide best service to the client in all areas. In practice one Bank provides cash and settlement services. Another Bank provides better access to financial markets or most efficient management of bonds. Some Banks specialise in derivative markets, etc.. We help the client to solve the puzzle, and recommend the best service providers for each sector in the financial marketplace.

A specialist behind every solution

A structure of an investment portfolio is recommended by a credible financial specialist with experience and a good reputation, not by the abstract “The Best Biggest Bank”.

We are not limited in the choice of tools and investment infrastructure

The difference between Fortu Family and the majority of other financial management companies is that we provide access to all possible investment instruments around the world without any restrictions, i.e. our clients are not bound within the framework of the Russian legislation in relation to their investments.

We do not directly manage client’s assets; clients control their funds by themselves

Our approach to the management of investments considerably differs from the approach of the majority of Russian investment and financial companies, which are engaged in asset management or the administration of wealth. We do not take money in to the management of the company. The client is not required to transfer funds directly to our company accounts. Often the client's money can work more efficiently in the same Bank in which they currently keep their deposits.

We are flexible and ready to give full support in personal financial management, as well as to perform specialised functions on the principles of outsourcing for the client, his family office, or a financial advisor.

Money to money
Luck favours the prepared
The key factor is the result

About us

MFO Fortu Family is an independent financial advisory company, focusing on the development and implementation of long-term strategies for the protection and accumulation of private client’s capital.


We help our clients to manage assets in the international financial markets, provide management support for private equity and rental properties portfolio.


The advantages of Fortu Family are determined by its absolute independence, experience professional contacts, technology platform and philosophy of investment.