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The advantages of Fortu Family are determined by its absolute independence, experience professional contacts, technology platform and philosophy of investment.


We help our clients to manage assets in the international financial markets, provide management support for private equity and rental properties portfolio.


Our main difference, from foreign or domestic private banks, lies in the fact that we are not a part of any Bank holding company, we have no conflict of interest, and we are not obliged to sell the products of the parent companies

About Us

Multi-family office Fortu Family is an independent financial advisory company focused on the development and implementation of long-term strategies for the client’s capital preservation and accumulation. Our main task is to assist clients in selecting the best investment ideas and products from the world's largest investment banks, and assemble a portfolio, based on those products, with a low risk level. Primarily we do this in order to achieve the following:

  1. Capital presevation and accumulation
  2. Provide savings for the purchase of real estate;
  3. Provide savings to cover the costs of higher education, both home and abroad.

Fortu Family also helps to structure and control the client’s assets all over the world, to organize family accounting and reporting, to manage private equity and solve tax and legal issues. Finally, Fortu Family support the clients in foreign property purchase and sale process, health insurance and children's education.

Personal financial planning within our company is conducted by certified British financial advisers. Analytical reports of the financial markets and the infrastructure of investment are currently being provided to our clients by the world's leading financial institutions.


What is a Multi-family office? Alexey Shkrapkin


The Russian-British company Fortu family, in partnership with the British Council took part in a major international exhibition "British Education 2012", which took place on 29 - 30 September 2012 the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow. 19 October 2012